Global Sustain proudly presents the Yearbook 2015/16 “Sustainable Consumption and Production: Towards a Circular Economy” at a special event in Brussels, on December 7. The presentation will take place between 17:00-19:00, at the Conference Room, Renewable Energy House (Rue d’ Arlon 63-67, B-1040 Brussels).

Among speakers will be; Michael Spanos, Managing Director, Global Sustain, Vanya Veras, Secretary General, Municipal Waste Europe, Dr. Janez Potočnik, Co-chair, International Resource Panel, Tom Schalenbourg, Sustainable Development Director, Toyota Material Handling Europe and Marion Courtois, Business Engineer & Circular Economy Senior Expert, ACR+.

During the event, the Yearbook 2016/17 “The Energy (R)evolution” will be announced. The presentation will be attended by business leaders, academia, top experts and other stakeholders.

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