Global Sustain presented the Yearbook 2014/15 “The Power of Collaboration” during the “Sustainable Innovation Forum” organized in collaboration with CAPITALS Business Circle, on November 30, at Microsoft Digital Eatery Berlin. At the same time the company announced its ninth Yearbook 2015/16 “Sustainable Consumption and Production: Towards a Circular Economy”, in collaboration with the SwitchMed and the Regional Activity Centre for Sustainable Consumption and Production of the UNEP.

During the event, Global Sustain proudly announced the launch of the Global Sustain GmbH. The launch of the new company is in line with the Global Sustain vision for international expansion and growth. Mr. Ioannis Salavopoulos was appointed as Managing Director, responsible for Germany, Austria and International Affairs. Before joining Global Sustain GmbH, Mr. Salavopoulos had successful career in Economic Diplomacy representing, for over a decade, Greece in Germany and earlier in United Arab Emirates.

During the Forum, Mr. Michael Spanos, Managing Director of Global Sustain participated in a special discussion panel entitled “How Innovation & Technology enable Sustainability” and discussed with Mr. Ioannis Salavopoulos, Managing Director, Global Sustain GmbH Germany and President of CAPITALS Business Circle and Mr. Björn N. Siebert, Manager Economic & Innovation Policy of Bitkom, about the access to new technologies and its relation to the living conditions, productivity and incomes. As it was quoted during the discussion, debates on how best to promote sustainable and inclusive development are incomplete without a full consideration of science, technology and innovation issues.  Senior speakers and experts from the Technology, Innovation and Sustainability Sector, with international backgrounds from Germany, Greece and other countries, participated in the Forum.

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