Global Sustain presented the Yearbook 2015/16 “Sustainable Consumption and Production” at a special event in Barcelona. The presentation, took place on October 19, during the SwitchMed Connect, at the Francesc Cambo, Saint Pau.
Among speakers were: Yannis Salavopoulos, Managing Director, Global Sustain GmbH & Group Head International Affairs, Elisabeth Folguera, Quality, Health & Safety and Environmental Manager, TOYOTA MATERIAL HANDLING ESPAÑA, S.A. and Christian Avérous, Vice-President, Plan Bleu, former Head of the Environmental Performance & Information Division, OECD.
The Yearbook was published in collaboration with the SwitchMed and the Regional Activity Centre for Sustainable Consumption and Production of the UNEP.
During the event, Global Sustain announced its 10th Yearbook 2016/17 entitled “The Energy (R)evolution”.
The presentation was attended by academia, top experts, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders.

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