Global Sustain proudly announces its new Yearbook, highlighting critical sustainability issues of universal interest for another year. The 10th publication entitled “The Energy (R)evolution” is gaining momentum and international organisations such as the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), UN Sustainable Energy for All, World Energy Council etc. have already confirmed their participation.

This year, Global Sustain chose the theme energy. In the face of rising global population and increasing demand for energy, one of the most important challenges of the 21st century is meeting our energy needs in a sustainable way. The publication will focus on the evolution and challenges of the energy market that impact on the climate, geopolitics and the world economy, aiming to navigate and better understand our energy future.

Among others, this Yearbook will address the following topics:

  • Energy Geopolitics
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Renewable Energy Sources (Hydroelectric, Geothermal, Solar, Wind Energy)
  • Energy Security, Crisis & Risk Management
  • Energy Poverty & Access to Affordable Energy
  • Energy, Smart Cities & Urban Adaptation
  • Sustainable Transport(ation), Electric Vehicles
  • Investments in Energy
  • Energy Inspection & Certifications
  • Energy & CO2 Emissions Trading
  • Energy Infrastructure & Large Scale Projects
  • Alternative (Non-conventional) Energy Fuels
  • The Implications of Climate Change
  • Energy Capital Markets
  • Regulatory Developments in Energy & Compliance

The carbon neutral Yearbook will feature leading CEOs, corporations and organisations from all around the world while there will be extensive research and photographic material. The publication will come out in May 2017 and will be presented at special events in Athens, Berlin, London, Brussels and Paris throughout 2017.

The deadline for participation in the publication expires on December 2016.

Communication Partners:, Revolve Media.

Contact Details:

Ilektra Liberopoulou, Marketing & Communications Manager, Global Sustain


Tel: +30 210 927 1110